Podcast: What historians don’t know about World War I

On 18th of June a roundtable discussion took place at the DHI London. Margaret MacMillan, Annika Mombauer, Sönke Neitzel and John Röhl discussed with Mark Hewitson what historians don’t know about the causes of World War I. Andreas Gestrich, director of the DHI London, started his introduction by saying: “At the moment, I think, there is about a book a day on the First World War and probably events every second at least in London.” The round table debate took a different view on the First World War and focussed on continuing areas of uncertainty in the historical account of the outbreak of war: it showed how key decisions are still ‘unexplained’, allowing a variety of interpretations. This roundtable of internationally-renowned scholars asked what we still do not know about the causes of the First World War.

Roundtable Debate: 1914: What Historians Don’t Know about the Causes of the First World War. Speakers: Speakers: Margaret MacMillan, Annika Mombauer, Sönke Neitzel, John Röhl; Chair: Mark Hewitson. (131 min, 76.9 MB)

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