Abstract: Gabriela A. Frei „The Institut de Droit International and the Making of Law for Peace, 1899–1917“

Justicia et Pace was the motto of the Institut de Droit International, short IDI. It was an important professional forum for international lawyers prior to the First World War. The aim of the IDI was the advancement of the codification of international law and the development of arbitration as a means to further peace. The resolutions of the IDI were brought to the attention of governments and other institutions for further consideration. The paper will give a brief overview of the foundation and the agenda of the IDI. It will then examine the involvement of the IDI and that of its members at the Hague Peace Conferences in 1899 and 1907. Although the IDI did not meet during the war, the paper will analyse the reaction and arguments of some of its members during the First World War until 1917. This will provide not only an analysis of the failures and achievements of international law prior to the war but also a reflection on the future of international law.

Colloque international “Les défenseurs de la paix 1899-1917. Approches actuelles, nouveaux regards”, 15-17 janvier 2014

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